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Attorney Profile Marian Kromkowski

Marian KromkowskiI am a Northern Michigan lawyer with more than 38 years of combined experience as a lawyer, mediator and collaborative law practitioner. For the past 25 years, I have also worked as a full time and now part-time Domestic Relations Referee handling family related hearing as a judicial officer in five Northern Michigan Counties. As a Referee, I see first-hand how damaging the adversarial process can be to parents and their children and so I encourage parents to work together for the benefit of their children.  I appreciate that this is easier said than done, and it is especially difficult if already engaged in an adversarial court process.

Amicable separations between couples without children and/or with little property to be divided may sometimes be resolved between the parties with little to no lawyer involvement.

Where there are disagreements, the parties have minor children and/or there is significant property to be distributed, a more organized approach, often with the assistance of lawyers, is strongly advised.

Divorce is a difficult time. If you want learn more about divorce settlement options that are respectful, solution oriented and fine-tuned to the future needs of you and your family call me to talk about your options.

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