Marian Kromkowski and Matthew Posner of Kromkowski & Posner, P.C.

Attorney Profile Matthew Posner

I have been an attorney for 35 years. My focus has been criminal defense representation. I have represented clients at the trial level and at the state and federal appellate level. I retired in 2016, but am available for consultations.

My specialty was representation of individuals who have been convicted of a crime but wish to challenge the validity of the conviction or the length or terms of the sentence. This is called Appellate Law.

I also have assisted persons facing sentencing. A sentencing judge reviews information about a person before imposing sentence. Putting a human face on yourself, presenting background information that may not be covered in a State prepared Presentence Report and submitting letters from others that know you and your circumstances can make a real difference. A review of Sentencing Guidelines is also essential to setting appropriate and lawful limits of the parameters of the potential sentence.
If you need consultation regarding effective representation at a criminal sentencing or advice regarding an appeal of a felony conviction, call me to talk about your options.

To make a telephone appointment or to book a consultation, call 231-271-4990.

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