Marian Kromkowski and Matthew Posner of Kromkowski & Posner, P.C.

Criminal Defense

Know Your RightBeing charged with a crime can have lasting effects upon a person and his or her family.   Facing a criminal charge is very challenging. You are asked to make a number of decisions when your judgment may be clouded by fear and uncertainty. Having an attorney who knows the law is essential. Having an attorney who also patiently explains the law to a client, returns phone calls and answers letters in a timely manner and answers inquiries of family members makes this emotionally challenging time more bearable. Effective, respectful and affordable representation in criminal matters is my profession.

My practice is focused on providing assistance to persons who have been convicted of a crime.  A conviction is the result of either being found guilty after a trial or after pleading guilty.  You can appeal misdemeanor convictions to your circuit court and felony convictions to the Court of Appeal and the Michigan Supreme Court.  The appellate process is much different than the trial process and it is important that you choose experienced appellate counsel.  Challenging a conviction is known as a CRIMINAL APPEAL.

In Michigan, misdemeanors carry a punishment of one year or less and are heard by your local district court.  There are a few misdemeanors that have a two year punishment. Felonies carry a punishment of one year or more. These two year misdemeanors and all felonies are handled in your circuit court.

The possible sentence varies depending on the crime for which you are convicted and, depending on the crime, can include probation and/or a local jail sentence or a sentence to the Department of Corrections for a prison sentence.  Being prepared for sentencing can also make a significant difference.  Securing a fair sentence is known as SENTENCING SUPPORT.

If you need help following a conviction or in preparing or challenging a sentence, call me to talk about your options. To make a telephone appointment or to book a consultation, please call 231-271-4990.