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95% of all divorce cases settle before going to trial before a judge. How a settlement is reached has lasting impacts on the parties and families. In choosing to resolve a conflict in a climate of dignity and respect, where all voices are heard, reasonable options explored and lasting solutions forged, we protect ourselves and those we love.

Divorce Settlement OptionsDIVORCE MEDIATION


  • Mediation is a problem solving skill that is learned. A mediator helps others with difficult conversations, organizes information and explores options that lead to lasting solutions.
    In Divorce Mediation, a trained mediator helps divorcing or separating families take responsibility for reaching their own agreements. I was the 1st attorney in the Greater Traverse Area to obtain divorce mediation training, in 1998, and am on the roster of approved mediators in Grand Traverse, Antrim and Leelanau counties. Since that time I have concluded over 300 mediations, have lectured other professionals on mediation techniques and have secured over 400 hours of continuing mediation training.

    Collaborative Divorce is a settlement focused, team based, approach designed to address the emotional, financial and legal consequences of divorce and to fashion future oriented solutions. In Collaborative Divorce, the couple, their attorneys, mental health professionals and child and financial specialists work together as a team with the family to craft the best resolution. Since 2008, I have been on the state board of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan. I work with others in Up North Collaborative Divorce Professionals.

    An arbitrator acts as a “private referee”. The arbitrator’s final recommendation is submitted to a judge, who must approve the settlement unless the arbitrator breaks very limited rules. Parts of the arbitrator’s decision cannot be appealed. In Arbitration, the arbitrator settles the issues the divorcing couple has been unable to resolve. My 18 years experience as a Domestic Relations Referee for five area counties makes me uniquely qualified.

    If you need help settling an issue relating to

  • separation or divorce
  • custody and parenting time
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • change of domicile
  • property distribution
  • call me to talk about your options. To make a telephone appointment or to book a consultation, please call 231-271-4990.

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